Affiliate Program

Become an online footwear sales associate for: “Tiki Clothing Co" & Get paid commission for each pair of WaveRunner shoes you sell.

Responsibilities: Promote the #WaveRunner shoe via social media (IG, Facebook, and Twitter) to friends/followers.

Each Sales Associate will be given a REP CODE, The REP CODE should be used whenever someone you know reserve or purchase the WaveRunner shoe, this is to keep track of your sales so it’s important for you push REP CODE whenever promoting the shoe.

Salary- 8.1% of each WaveRunner reservation purchase. (Commission). Approximately $5 each shoe purchase + Bonuses.

-No age requirement.
-Rep codes will be given out once you accept position via email.
-Payments will be issued biweekly/monthly via PayPal or check.
-Travel Opportunities
-No shoes will be sent out to affiliates unless they purchase a pair due to limited qty.

Apply Below if interested

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